Profile – Experience

Cassidian is a word leading company of PMR radio systems, terminals, control room 112 call taking, radio dispatching and applications as well as integration of PMR solutions to public safety and civil customers. Cassidian develops, manufactures and distributes to all globally relevant today PMR technologies: TETRA, TETRAPOL and P25 radio infrastructure products as well as radio terminals for TETRA and TETRAPOL. Cassidian has developed TETRAPOL standard, infrastructure and terminal products during the last 20 years. Nationwide TETRAPOL networks are in operation in France, Spain, Switzerland and Check Republic. Cassidian provides interfaces from TETRAPOL infrastructure to connect fixed and radio dispatching terminals. Cassidian TETRAPOL interfaces can be used to connect a TETRAPOL network to a TETRA network as well as to interface two TETRAPOL networks together with certain set of call functions. Cassidian is working for making the European connectivity of the above nationwide networks with those, provided by other manufacturers (Motorola, Selex).

Cassidian has also developed over the last 15 years a comprehensive TETRA network for rich set of voice and data for multi-organisation communication, based on the European TETRA standard created by ETSI (European Telecommunication Standard Institute). Cassidian TETRA system is the industry leader in large TETRA networks, in functionality and scalability within TETRA systems. Cassidian delivers complete TETRA solutions, providing end-to-end solutions from networks, network management, mobile and control room terminals and services. Over the last 10 years Cassidian has worked together with TETRA industry and operators to develop the ETSI ISI standard. Cassidian has implemented and released the first phase release of this standard, supporting a critical set of TETRA functionalities over the ISI interface. Cassidian objective is to deliver full interoperability of TETRA networks to the existing European nationwide networks, delivered by Cassidian: Sweden RAKEL, Germany BOSNET, Hungary EDTN, Finland VIRVE, Belgium ASTRID, Estonia EDR.

Main Role in the SALUS Project

Cassidian will be involved in WP2 for collection of PPDR requirements, operational use cases analysis and selection thanks to its large installed base of PMR networks (more than 220 in about 70 countries worldwide). In WP3, Cassidian will contribute to architecture definition (infrastructure based or infrastructure less), next generation PPDR networks interfaces with legacy ones, and network capacity extension. Cassidian is leading the WP4 on economic and Business case analysis: this work package objectives are collect and set-up a database of PPDR organisations across Europe, establish a business analysis of PPDR networks, including new market segments, study the spectrum requirements and make proposals for future frequencies allocation, define several TCO models and propose migration roadmaps. Cassidian is involved as well in WP5 for wireless security, end to end encryption and privacy guarantee studies. Cassidian is participating to WP6 on the following topics: access network (trunked mode, direct mode, tactical mode), interoperability (between PMR legacy and public networks, between PMR legacy and PPDR Broadband) and roaming. Cassidian participates to WP7 for validation activities, especially as leader of task 7.2 validating the Use Case Disaster Recovery. Cassidian will contribute to WP8 to establish links with standardization and regulation bodies. It will also participate to dissemination activities through public (TWC) and private (SNUC) events.