Emergency Services College

Homepage: http://www.pelastusopisto.fi

Profile – Experience

The Emergency Services College (ESC) provides education and training under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior. The College provides basic vocational training and further training in rescue services including emergency response centre dispatchers. In addition, the College provides courses and consultancy in:

  • Emergency preparedness for authorities and persons responsible for civil defence.
  • Civilian crisis management missions.
  • International humanitarian operations together with UN, EU and NATO PFP.
  • Special emergency tasks tailored for different organisations both nationally and internationally.

ESC has a long experience of different national and international R&D projects (Currently 5 EU-level projects). Its expertise areas are ICT within emergency services, CBRNE and dealing with cross-border emergencies. The ESC R&D Unit is in charge of the coordination of all the research activities within the Rescue Services in Finland. The Unit has 15 employees and in addition there are 10-15 persons taking part in various research projects annually.

The simulating and testing environment at the College includes following main building blocks:

  • TETRA radio network both real and simulated (TETRASim).
  • Emergency Response Centre simulator (10 dispatcher work stations with full functional CAD).
  • Three Computer Classrooms, Language studio, Laboratory etc.
  • Paramedic simulators.
  • Training Ground (30+ hectares) with various training fields and testing facilities including hazmat field, meteorological station, sensor network etc.
  • Fire engines, command cars, ambulances & other vehicles (70).

Main Role in the SALUS Project

The Emergency Services College will bring a strong and structured end-user view in the project. We will assist in the domain analysis and support the project activities by facilitating the dialogue between end-users, academia and industry. There is strong understanding about needs of mission critical communication of safety and security authorities. The ESC is actively supporting the validation and evaluation of the project results.