Kingston University London


Profile – Experience

Kingston University (KU) is a dynamic and culturally diverse institution with strong regional links. The Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing (SEC) is the newest and largest faculty at Kingston University. Set up in 2011, SEC brings together three existing faculties and eight schools at Kingston and aims to encourage interdisciplinary research, improve the scope of the student experience and encourage partnerships between academia and industry. KU is committed to lifelong learning and excellence in research. The Wireless Multimedia & Networking (WMN) research group, which is part of the School of Computing and Information Systems (CIS) in SEC, is one of the largest research groups in the university and it is extensively involved in wireless communications research (ad-hoc networking, LTE, cognitive radio, wireless sensor networks, security and mobility management protocols, emergency service communications, wireless multimedia and 3D applications). WMN has experience in the fields of Wi-Fi ad hoc networking and peer-to-peer communications with emphasis on security. WMN has specialised in emergency communication networks by participating in the FP7 PEACE (IP-based Emergency Application and serviCes for nExt generation networks) and FP7 PROACTIVE (PRedictive reasOning and multi-source fusion empowering AntiCipation of attacks and Terrorist actions In Urban EnVironmEnts) projects. The School is also involved in several other EU funded projects including SIAM, PROTECTRAIL, OPTIMIX, eDispute, and OTELO.

Main Role in the project

KU will contribute to the following SALUS project technical activities: techno-economic analysis for future PPDR applications and services, secure seamless handoff across heterogeneous networks (LTE, TETRA, ad-hoc), Wi-Fi ad-hoc security communications, P2P security, and future provisioning of PPDR Services (include video and real-time text communications) across heterogeneous networks. KU intends also to provide contributions to WWRF (Wireless World Research Forum) and Net!Works platform, which has been actively involved. Furthermore, KU will continue its participation to IETF MANET WG, ITU-R WP5A and ETSI RRS WG.