Profile – Experience

OneSource, Consultoria Informática Lda. (ONE) is a Portuguese SME specialized in the areas of data communications, security, networking and systems management, including the consultancy, auditing, design, development and lifetime administration of specialized IT solutions for corporate networks, public-sector institutions, utilities and telecommunications operators.

OneSource is a start-up and technological spin-of the Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), a non-profit private organization for innovation and technology transfer between the University of Coimbra and the industry and business sectors. Faithfull to its origins, OneSource keeps a strong involvement in R&D activities, participating in joint research projects with academic institutions and industrial partners, in order to be able to provide its customers with state-of-art services and solutions.

The OneSource team participating in the SALUS project has a strong background in national and European R&D projects, like FP5 NoE E-NET, FP6 NoE E-NEXT, FP6 IP EUQOS, FP6 IP WEIRD, FP6 NoE CONTENT, FP6 SA OpenNet, FP7 ICT GINSENG, FP7 SEC MICIE, FP7 SEC CockpitCI, FP7 PSP LiveCity and FP7 Adapt4EE (some of the mentioned projects were carried out in the scope of the research activities of the University of Coimbra).

Main Role in the SALUS Project

OneSource will contribute to the project with its previous experience in security, data communications and network and service management, including aspects such as service-oriented architectures, mobile applications, resource management, security and risk management, sensor networks, configuration management and network and service monitoring.

OneSource will also contribute to the project as a systems integrator and as a developer of the building components of the SALUS platform, assuming the leadership of WP7 (system integration and validation of use cases).