Public Safety Communication Europe Forum


Profile – Experience

Finding its origins in the project supported by the European Commission (DG INFSO) in 2006, the Public Safety Communication Europe Forum (PSCE) is a permanent autonomous organisation aiming at improving provision of public safety services and the safety of the citizens during crisis and emergency situations. PSCE provides a common platform for researchers, industry and users to meet and network, learn about technologies used for public safety and influence policy makers at European level.

PSCE is an expert in provision of enhanced and well-elaborated communication. PSCE organises number of workshops as well as two major conferences traditionally attracting around 80 international participants from more than 20 countries. They aim at bringing together top-level policymakers, academic researchers, industrial experts and other interested stakeholders to discuss the new developments in the area of public safety communications and reach out to a wider European audience. PSCE provides its dissemination support and communication services also to external research projects in order to promote their results and increase the awareness of targeted audience. Furthermore, PSCE delivers a range of regular publications offering news and information towards its constituency and stakeholders. These are the Flash News, Factsheets and Newsletters. PSCE is also partner of the FP7 project called ACRIMAS which objective is to develop a roadmap for an upcoming Demonstration Project (in Phase II) within Crisis Management.

PPDR communication networks lay in the heart of the PSCE activities. Since very beginning, PSCE has been actively involved in majority of discussions encompassing this issue. All the policy papers published by PSCE are available on-line.

Main Role in the SALUS Project

As an umbrella organisation, PSCE has a direct access to various end-users, research institutes and industrial stakeholders and will use its constituency to obtain the feedback on relevant issues including identification of gaps, defining of requirements and the collection of data for the identification of PPDR organisations in the Member States. Furthermore, PSCE will provide its rich experience in event management and use its high capability to develop and implement awareness raising strategy of the project.