Homepage: http://www.ubitel.ru

Profile – Experience

Founded in 2004 and based in St. Petersburg, Russia, Ubitel is a company specialised in building and integrating of modern location-aware services into existing customer business infrastructure and processes. Ubitel offers a full range of services. In its engineering activities, Ubitel provides highly qualified consultants for project pre-assessment and execution tasks like ROI analysis, field testing, integration to existing systems, network and application security solutions, integration of available wireless networks and available location solutions. Ubitel closely follows the national Russian regulations in the wireless domain, thus able to offer its customers the most up-to-date technologies developed abroad. Ubitel’s engineering solutions are largely based on radio frequency identification (RFID) and real-time location system (RTLS) based on Wi-Fi, 3G and proprietary technologies. Ubitel’s solutions can be customized for almost any application. It is proved by its customers that are coming from different brunches of industry, including gas and oil suppliers, steel and aluminium factories, power plants, military, emergency services providers, healthcare, security providers, museums etc. Ubitel is a recognised leader
in cutting edge wireless location engineering solutions. Technology-wise it co-operates with a number of companies based in UK, Finland and Germany.

Main Role in SALUS Project

Ubitel will contribute to SALUS by providing high level solutions in the area of telecommunication, positioning and location based services, as far as seamless security extensions for existing and next generation PPDR networks.