University of Ljubljana


Profile – Experience

University of Ljubljana is the oldest and the biggest higher education and research institution in Slovenia. On the European scale, by number of students it ranks as one of the larger higher education institutions, and by number of employees as medium-sized. It fosters basic, applied and developmental research. It collaborates with organisations pursuing commercial and service activities in the public and private sectors, and with the government, local communities and civil society institutions.

The Laboratory of E-media (LEM) at FRI UL is dealing in particular with research and applications in the area of computer / information systems security and privacy technology and management. Members of LEM /FRI UL have a long term research and development expertise in this area, including market applications (e.g. internet banking services for the largest Slovene bank NLB, security implementation of a nation-wide system based on smart-cards in e-health sector and related cooperation in EU project NETLink), patents, and involvement in national and other European projects like SEMPOC (Simulation Exercise to Manage Power cut Crisis), COST WiNeMO (Wireless Networked Moving Objects), etc.

Main Role in the SALUS Project

UL will contribute to SALUS project with its experience in security, and particularly privacy area, with emphasis on lightweight security & privacy solutions needed for sensor and wireless elements, and their integration into SALUS architecture. UL will be the main entity behind SALUS generic privacy architecture and its privacy platform. In addition, UL will support SALUS activities in core networking part focused on TETRA and LTE as well, especially customized cryptosolutions focused on physical / link layer. Therefore UL will actively contribute to WP2 (security and privacy specifics related to SALUS use case scenarios), WP3 (enterprise architecture methodological support with focus on security and privacy by design), WP5 (privacy architecture and privacy platform), WP6 (PMT/PPDR security and privacy solutions co-design and verification) and WP7 (horizontal and vertical integration of security and privacy solutions).

In addition, UL will be actively involved in dissemination and exploitation activities, including standardisation within W3C (to the best of our knowledge W3C is the only standardization body that has been dealing with privacy standardisation so far, while UL has a patent in this area, and research experience.