University of Patras


Profile – Experience

The main research interests of the Wireless Telecommunications Laboratory (WTL) of University of Patras, include: Mobile, Wireless, and Ad-Hoc Networks, Channel Coding and Modulation, Receiver Design including synchronization, Multimedia Coding and Transmission over Emerging Wireless and Ad-hoc Networks and Technologies, Security Schemes for Multimedia Services in Wireless Networks, Cross-Layer Multimedia optimization across heterogeneous wireless networks. In the area of mobile multimedia, the laboratory is equipped with latest H.264 SVC/MVC codecs, Network Emulators, WLANs and it is in the phase of purchasing 3G/LTE emulator. Within the context of the FP7 Framework, the Department was involved with the European Projects FUTON (Mobile Video Streaming across heterogeneous wireless networks) and PEACE (P2P over ad-hoc networks and video streaming over ad-hoc networks) and is currently participating in the ROMEO (3D Video Transmission over heterogeneous networks).

Main Role in the SALUS Project

UPAT will contribute to the following project technical activities: techno-economic analysis and risk assessment-management methodology for future PPDR applications and services, secure seamless handoff across heterogeneous networks (LTE, TETRA, ad-hoc), P2P security, and future provisioning of PPDR Services (include video and real-time text communications) across heterogeneous networks.

UPAT intends also to provide contributions to relevant IETF Standardization Groups (MEXT, RTCWEB)