First SALUS conference

The First Conference of the SALUS project was held on 26th November in Paris, France, as part of the autumn conference of Public Safety Communications Europe (PSCE).

Entitled “End-User Needs Towards Future PPDR Systems”, the SALUS Conference discussed in length the future communication demands from the public protection and disaster relief sector in order to achieve their missions. The aims and purpose of SALUS project was presented at the beginning of the Conference by SALUS project coordinator Hugo Marques. Subsequently, a series of speakers took the floor to present various roadmaps for the future of PPDR communications presenting the potential role of LTE and the evolution of TETRAPOL and TETRA technologies. Due to a wide range of participants, the Conference attendees also gained vital insight into the viewpoints of the industry, standards bodies, researchers and end-users.

The Conference was attended by over 60 people, each of which represented a unique and interesting angle on PPDR communications. The presentation material with the list of speakers is available below.

  1. Project SALUS, Hugo MARQUES, SALUS, IT
  2. PPDR’s Requirements for crisis and disaster management, Manfred BLAHA, PSCE
  3. Activities of the WG System Architecture from the Critical Communications Broadband Group (TCCA), Philippe DEVOS, Airbus
  4. Building the Roadmap for future PPDR communication systems evolution, Dimitris KANAKIDIS, Project PPDR-TC
  5. Role of LTE in the future PPDR systems, Jérôme BROUET, Alcatel Lucent
  6. The future of TETRAPOL or TETRAPOL enhanced services, Philippe DEVOS, Airbus
  7. The future of TETRA or TETRA enhanced services, Jeppe JEPSEN, Motorola Solutions
  8. Synergies between PPDR/civil PMR, military and commercial domains, Andrea LORELLI, ETSI
  9. Results of the Commission Study on the use of commercial mobile networks and equipment for “mission-critical” high-speed broadband communications in the sectors of PPDR, Transport and Utilities, Ales BRABINEK, DG Connect, European Commission